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I have always known that I wanted to work with others.  In college, I had a summer job for 4 summers as a camp counselor at Elk’s Camp Grassick (summer camp for adults and children with special needs located in Dawson, ND).  Little did I know going into my first summer, that this summer job would be a life-changing experience. This is where I discovered my passion for working with individuals with special needs.  At that time, I had gotten my bachelor’s degree in communication disorders and then decided to pursue and obtain my master’s degree in early childhood special education. I have several years’ experience working with individuals with special needs/developmental delays and their families through my previous employment with the Birth-to-Three Program and my current role as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher with the Wausau School District.   

I had never heard of Gigi’s Playhouse before Erica shared what it was and that she was in the process of getting one started in Wausau.  She then asked if I would be interested in being part of the start-up committee for Gigi’s Playhouse in Wausau, and I knew this was an opportunity perfect for me to participate in. This is the “something more” I’ve wanted to be part of in addition to my career to help and work with others with disabilities. To be able to enhance their lives and the lives of their families through this wonderful opportunity is such an honor.  I have many memories of the great impact different individuals with Down syndrome have made on my life, and on my heart, and I am hoping that I can also make a lasting impact on the individuals and families that will be able to receive programming and resources through Gigi’s Playhouse Wausau, as well as the entire community and North Central Wisconsin. 

Written by Start Up Team Member, Cory D.

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