The Difference between Believing and Action in Inclusion

Many of us support various causes because we believe in its mission and value it in this world. For some they believe in something simply because others believe in it, and it is easy to jump on the band wagon. Typically, if we believe in something we demonstrate that belief through our actions. Belief is more than a thought or statement of that said belief; it is taking the next step to put your belief into action. We often have the best of intentions, but without action our beliefs amount to absolutely nothing…thus the popular phrases, “Actions speak louder than words” and “Talk is cheap!”

In the end what matters is who we are. If we look at “are” as a verb, we are not our beliefs, but we “are” what we do for others. So, the question is who “are” you going to be today and tomorrow and the day after that?

Let’s shift gears and talk about inclusion. For any special needs parent, the word inclusion is introduced as soon as their baby is born, or a diagnosis is determined. For those not on the special needs journey, you may think inclusion is only in a school environment, but it is so much more. Inclusion is and should be EVERYWHERE!  Simply put, inclusion means that ALL people, regardless of their needs or abilities, have a right to participate in the same community events, sports, educational environments, etc. as their peers.

We hope that anyone reading this blog post will believe that inclusion is important and needed for our world to be truly GenerationG. To be Accepting. To be Generous. To be Kind. But are you taking the required action?

Are you providing Access? This is more than the physical environment it is non-physical as well. Having a ramp or wide doors is great but irrelevant if the experience or culture inside is unwelcoming.

Are you creating a Policy? This is more than saying inclusion is important in your organization, it is holding yourself and/or employees accountable for following it!

Are you providing Opportunities? This is more than simply offering a specific service or program it is ensuring the above access to the service or program. In addition, it is not creating unfair guidelines or policies that limit participation and only impact the individuals seeking inclusion.

As we begin Down Syndrome Awareness Month (DSAM), take a moment, and ask yourself, “Do I only believe in acceptance, generosity, and kindness?” or “Do I actually practice acceptance, generosity, and kindness?” If not visit our GenerationG Page to learn more and to take the pledge!

If you are a business, ask yourself “Do I provide access, have a policy in place, and am I providing opportunities?” If not, start a conversation within your business of changes needing to be made, schedule a business luncheon with Playhouse Manager, Erica, come in for a tour, visit the Playhouse during programming! Schedule all of the above HERE.

Let’s turn belief into action and embrace inclusion together!

Let’s be GenerationG during DSAM and every month after!

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