New Program…Kids Club

We are excited to bring another new program for Spring 2024 session. Kids Club is an interactive and engaging program for participants ages 8 through 12 and their families. Ages are recommended and if you have questions about your child participating please ask staff. The main goals of the program include: 1. Increasing social skills, focusing on group participation and increasing leisure activity options.  2. Increasing language development, focusing on vocabulary development, language comprehension and social communication with peers.  3. Increase gross motor skills, focusing on general health, fitness (strength and balance), and utilizing motor skills to participate in educational, social, and leisure activities. 4. Inclusion of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)

Kids Club will consist of two lessons per month around the same theme. The In-Playhouse lesson will support the development of social skills and language through peer-to-peer interaction in a causal fun setting. This program will also support gross motor skills through active games, fine motor and self-help skilsl through meal/snack preparation and activities.

Example: Ice Cream Lesson

Social Development: Opening – Welcome and discuss todays what we will be doing.

Speech & Language Development: Icebreaker – Going on a picnic game that introduces each participant.

Speech & Language Development: Theme and Vocabulary – Plan next session as a group. Ice cream graph that works on math objectives.

Fine Motor Development – Pom pom ice cream cone project.

Cooperative & Social Activities for Gross Motor Development – Ice cream in a bag making.

Social Development: Snack – Eat ice cream!

Family Involvement: Closing – Celebrate Best of Alls, disucss take home activities, and good-bye circle!

Demonstration of ice cream lesson and graph at this years National Conference. This is Courtney, Program & Volunteer Coordinator from Madison’s Playhouse instructing for workshop attendees.

The Out of-Playhouse lesson will be the experience, activity, or field trip. This is where participants get to see the rewards of their planning as they experience the activity for themselves! They can put into context the vocabulary and activities that were discussed in the first lesson to enhance their meaningfulness. New experiences, social connections, and fun will put learning into a motivating, real world context!

Kids Club will be offerred on a Monday from 5-6pm. The exact Monday’s of the month is TBD. The second lesson maybe on a different day depending on the planning of participants and families. The Playhouse is busy securing volunteers so watch our Program & Events Calendar for schedule in Spring 2024!

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