Teddy Bear Clinic

Helping Kids Overcome Fear of the Doctor/Dentist/Eye Doctor through Play!

A teddy bear clinic is a fun way for children to reduce their fears by giving their stuffed animals the care they have had, or will receive, from their healthcare team. Typically, best for ages 1-12, teddy bear clinics empower a child to take control of the situation, a rare occurrence for many throughout the healthcare experience.

Why do a Bear Clinic…the Benefits!

The hospital environment and medical/dental tests and procedures are stressful for any child. The goal of a teddy bear clinic is to reduce their fears and anxiety through familiarity and a sense of control.

Children learn, and express themselves through play, so playing doctor/dentist is a powerful tool to normalize a medical experience and help them practice the coping skills they need – all in the safety of home. Children also use what they see during play, so holding a teddy bear clinic can help them process past experiences and resolve common misconceptions.

I Do – We Do – You Do


Using the I Do – We Do – You Do Methodology there can be many benefits to holding a teddy bear clinic, both for your child and for you. Teddy bear clinics can:

  • Reduce children’s anxiety and fear of doctor/dentist visits and medical procedures.
  • Promote healthy coping skills.
  • Provide children with a sense of empowerment.
  • De-sensitize children to medical/dental equipment.
  • Help children understand basic medical/dental treatments and healthy habits (like hand washing, sneezing into the elbow, etc).
  • Increase a child’s knowledge of their body, health and the hospital.
  • Create an opportunity for parents to address a child’s questions and concerns.
  • Minimize children’s distress at doctor/dentist visits, and therefore improve a caregiver’s ability to share information and ask questions of their medical team.

Join us March 9th as we partner with the Medical College of Wisconsin 2nd year students to provide our first ever Teddy Bear Clinic. We will be transforming the Playhouse into medical facility but with all things fun and play focused. There will be stations that include: Check-In, Exam Room, X-Ray, Lab-IV, Surgical, Vision, and Dental. Participants will bring their favorite teddy bear, doll, or action figure and go through each station with medical students and role play!

More information on time and registration coming soon.

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