GiGi’s 5K GLOW Fun Run/Walk Acceptance Challege…More than just a 5K!

Are you ready to take a step towards making a significant difference in the lives of individuals with Down syndrome? GiGi’s 5K GLOW Fun Run/Walk Acceptance Challenge, featuring a 5K run, Dash for Down syndrome, participant showcase, all age all abilities obstacle course, is more than just an event – it’s a movement!

Why attend GiGi’s 5K GLOW Fun Run/Walk Acceptance Challenge?

The event is not just about running a 5K and physical fitness; it’s a powerful statement for inclusion, acceptance, and the empowerment of individuals with Down syndrome. This event is a celebration of abilities and a testament to the incredible potential within each person.

5K Run: Challenge yourself with a 5K run! Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a first-timer, this event is a fantastic way to show your support…and you get to run with all things GLOW!

Dash for Down Syndrome: It’s a fun and exciting way for event attendees to participate and understand the values of empathy and inclusion. Everyone receives a medal!

All Abilities All Age Obstacle Course: A fun yet challenging course that is inclusive to all abilities.

Team Tents: A community coming together for one cause…supporting those with Down syndrome!

Participant Showcase: Lets all cheer on those this event is all about!

Mascots: We will welcome our friends Tucker Turtle, NTC’s wolf, and more!

Face Painting & Balloon Artist: A perfect addition to your GLOW outfit!

RC Race Cars: A new addition to this years event that will include a race track and various cars to race.

5K GLOW Course: We have have a fun surprise for you this year!

How Can You Participate?

Register for the Event: Be part of one of the most inspiring events around.

Fundraise as a team: See if your team could be the top fundraiser!

Volunteer: If participating in the race isn’t your thing, you can always volunteer. Your time and effort are invaluable.

Spread the Word: Share the event on social media, invite friends and family, and encourage your community to participate.

The Impact

Your participation in our event goes a long way. The funds raised are directly used to support local programs that promote the development, inclusion, and lifelong independence of individuals with Down syndrome.

Conclusion: Be the Change

By joining GiGi’s 5K GLOW Fun Run/Walk Accceptance Challenge, you’re not just taking part in an event; you’re becoming part of a larger cause that celebrates diversity, champions inclusion, and builds a more accepting world for individuals with Down syndrome. Let’s lace up our shoes, hit the course, and make a difference, one step at a time!

Ready to make a difference? Click here to register!

For more information and to register. Let’s come together for a day of fun, fitness, and most importantly, acceptance. #gigisplayhousewausau #gigiswausauglowrun #gloworgohome #glowbrighter #glowtogether #moveforacceptance

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