Sophia – Best of All

Sophia participating in virtual GiGi’s Kitchen.

Sophia participating in GiGi’s at Home virtual programming. (With a #BestofAll shirt from Coach Karen’s marathon.)

Meet Sophia, who is 13 years old, and has been actively involved with our GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities community for a number of years. Sophia is thoughtful, helpful, kind, curious, and has a great sense of humor. For many years Sophia and her sister Zoe, have been very involved with Team G, GiGi’s Twin Cities Special Olympics Team. She also has been actively involved with GiGi’s in person programming such as: Tutoring, Speech, Drama Troupe, Social Skills, Yoga, Kids Club, Teen Tastic, and Cooking Club. Then when we shifted to virtual programming after March 13th, locally and nationally, and Sophia has participated in: Teen Tastic, GiGiFIT Kids and Teens, and GiGi’s Kitchen Teen.

This fall, we received this note from Deb, Sophia’s mom, and GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities Board Member, written to us at GiGi’s and leaders from Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota, “I’m sitting here monitoring Sophia’s classes and realizing how much your summer virtual programs have helped her get ready for this distance ride!  Thanks so much!  Minneapolis completely revamped their distance learning from almost all asynchronous to almost all in real time.  She is needing to use mute and chat and rocked at the scavenger hunt today — all that practice paid off! I wasn’t thinking of those benefits when we did the virtual teen classes, but am so thankful she had a safe place to try things out.  Hope things are going well for both of you!  Appreciatively, Deb”.

We are thrilled that our virtual Free, purposeful, progressive, educational and therapeutic programming has additional benefits in helping with distance learning that we hadn’t considered!

We are honored to have Sophia and her entire family – Deb, John, and Zoe, be part our GiGi’s Twin Cities community.

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