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Greetings from the GiGi's Playhouse - Twin Cities Board of Directors!

We are pleased about your interest in GiGi's Twin Cities, where we offer a wide range of educational, therapeutic, skill-building, and social programs for people of all ages with Down syndrome and their families - for FREE. We are proud of the strong community we have built and we encourage your involvement. There are many opportunities to join committees, volunteer, and participate, and we welcome your input. Please contact our Operations Director, Sarah Sender (ssender@gigisplayhouse.org) for all Playhouse related questions and our Executive Director, Tim Hawley (thawley@gigisplayhouse.org) for board-related questions or comments.

GiGi's Playhouse - Twin Cities Board of Directors

Fran Fabrizio - President
Debra Corhouse - Vice President
Julie Jochum Gartrell, Secretary
Rowan Broyles, Treasurer
Julie Baker
Todd Cogan
Pete Leacock
David Powell
Richard Priore
Shannon Murphy Robinson
Ashley Stohl