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Joyce is the mother of Isaiah, who is a young adult in his early twenties. About three years ago, Joyce found out about GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities from another family who has a family member with Down syndrome. The family mentioned that GiGi’s would be a great resource for Joyce and Isaiah. Isaiah does not have Down syndrome, but he does have other disabilities – and Joyce was looking for assistance for programming opportunities to help her son.

When Isaiah and Joyce first arrived at GiGi’s, they immediately jumped in and got involved with Teen Tastic, Open Play, Quarterly Dances, and Fantastic Friends. These FREE, purposeful, progressive programs all gave Isaiah a chance to make new friends and socialize among his peers which is so needed as a young adult, while Joyce has had the chance to get connected with other parents in our GiGi’s community. Since we are now offering programming virtually, Isaiah has gotten involved through our GiGi’s At Home programming locally: Fantastic Friends, and nationally: Music. These GiGi’s programming opportunities virtually, have helped Isaiah to still find ways to stay connected to others during this challenging time of the pandemic. Joyce and Isaiah both were thrilled to find a community that is accepting and inclusive.

Since Joyce got involved with GiGi’s, and saw the firsthand immediate positive impact for Isaiah and herself, she has made it her personal mission to share the information about GiGi’s to other families and resources the organization provides for families, just as she received that information passed on to her and Isaiah from another family. She has reached out to many families through personal, one on one, conversations, encouraging more families to get involved with GiGi’s.

Recently, Joyce was invited to contribute as a member of our newly formed Equity Advisory Team, to help GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities strive for more people in our community having access and benefitting from GiGi’s programming, events, resources – specifically people across all cultural backgrounds and historically marginalized communities. Joyce not only jumped at the opportunity in her extremely busy life, but also has committed to making herself available to help bounce ideas off of or bring suggestions forward or work on any future projects where she may be of assistance to our organization.

We are honored to have Joyce and Isaiah be part of our GiGi’s community. Thank you Joyce for being an amazing leader and volunteer in our GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities community.

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