Jenna – Volunteer Spotlight

Jenna receiving the, GiGi’s Twin Cities “Volunteer of the Year Award 2020”

Jesse and Jenna at the Gala in February 2020

Jenna, Jesse, Annabelle, Eli

Hudson Homies with Extra Chromies, Step to Accept 2020

Promoting Down syndrome Awareness in October through messages with Annabelle on social media.

Eli, Beekeeper in Training at 10 Mile Honey Farm

Honey from 10 Mile Farm, and working in partnership with 3M for fundraising towards GiGi’s.

Jenna, an AMAZING Volunteer leader from Hudson, is in our volunteer spotlight today.

At this year’s GiGi’s Twin Cities i Have a Voice gala, February 2020, we honored Jenna for truly going above and beyond. Her official records say that she has served over 400 hours, but we know that number is way too low. Jenna is a founding member and leader of our Hudson satellite team, where over the past three years she has adapted, led, and inspired volunteers to lead countless programs for Hudson, including PJs and Books, Leaps and Bounds, LMNOP, Kids Club, Tutoring, and Destination Discovery. She manages all of Hudson’s social media, runs volunteer trainings, leads fundraising efforts, and has traveled to multiple national leadership conferences. She sacrificed her garage for the 997 boxes of program materials that our national office sent her.

We want to recognize her family: husband Jesse, son Eli, and daughter Annabelle, for the sacrifices they have made so that Jenna could be such a large part of GiGi’s. We want to honor especially her daughter Annabelle for being awesome enough to have Down syndrome and bringing her mother into the GiGi’s community.

Since March 13th, Jenna has continued to lead our Hudson GiGi’s community by:

  • Staying in touch with members of the community that are interested in helping and getting involved with GiGi’s Hudson.
  • Rallying leaders in the Hudson GiGi’s community to keep moving forward with planning.
  • Fundraising with honey from their 10 Mile Honey Farm through a partnership with 3M for GiGi’s.
  • Organized the Hudson community to participate and fundraise through, “Hudson Homies with Extra Chromies” Crew, and participate in the June 2020 Step to Accept event.
  • Being an active member of our Satellite Committee to keep the momentum moving forward in our Hudson location, even during the pandemic.
  • Spreading daily awareness about Down syndrome awareness through her personal social media this October.

Thank you Jenna for your continued leadership on behalf of GiGi’s and Hudson, even during this time, to keep working hard to make things happen for our community. We are honored to have you Jenna, Jesse, Eli, and Annabelle be part of our GiGi’s Twin Cities community.

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