Ian – Best of All

Ian performing in “Annie” for Drama Troupe for Adults this fall.

Ian, one of our adult self-advocates, has been involved with GiGi’s Twin Cities Programming for almost four years.  Ian is thoughtful, loves to rock out as well as dressing up as rockers, enjoys drawing, and is a very friendly person with a great sense of humor. For our in-person programming, he has taken part in Social Skills and Self-Advocacy for Adults, Quarterly Dances, Fantastic Friends, Drama Troupe/Theater, EPIC, and Music/Choir just to name a few. Once GiGi’s started offering national and local virtual programs, Ian jumped in to get involved with these local virtual programs too: Fantastic Friends, Social Skills and Self-Advocacy for Adults, Drama Troupe for Adults, and GiGiFIT Adults. All these opportunities over the past four years, both in-person and virtual programs, have given Ian many chances to interact with other adults, while also learning new skills through our FREE, progressive, educational, and therapeutic programming.

Recently, Ian’s family shared a video of him performing for Drama Troupe Adults which is now on our YouTube channel: HERE

You can see the full performance of, “Annie”, this fall from our YouTube channel: HERE

Ian’s also been featured on our YouTube channel as Flash: HERE

We are honored to have Ian and his wonderful family, including Deb and Mark, be part of our GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities community. Thank you all for taking full advantage of all the programming opportunities available through GiGi’s over the past few years. We look forward to continuing to see the entire family in the future.

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