1st Year of Amina Grace Speech and Language Program Recap

1st Year of Amina Grace Speech and Language Program Ends on a High Note

The Amina Grace Speech and Language Program has provided GiGi’s Playhouse Tampa participants the opportunity to build on their existing communication skills with individualized therapy sessions. With the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program, GiGi’s Playhouse Tampa has been able to target speech and language skills for participants from ages 1 to 40 years old using purposeful progressions.

GiGi’s Playhouse Tampa bringing the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program to Tampa added the ability for speech therapy to improve a child’s ability to express “I love you” to their parent or sibling, and a child’s ability to understand foundational vocabulary so they can actively participate in conversation. The 1:1 program has enhanced use of pragmatic language, so a participant can build on their social skills and understand their own emotions, as well as others. GiGi’s Playhouse Tampa 1:1 sessions have been a place to teach participants how to communicate via sign language, pictures, and gestures so they can always stay smiling with their wants and needs met.

Sophia V.’s mom said: “Sophia expressed that she felt sad the other day instead of shutting down or getting upset. This was a huge step for her to identify her feelings and communicate them to us”.

Jonah K’s mom said: “Jonah is using longer phrases to express himself more. We are able to use less and less modeling, and he is using longer sentences with more frequency and independence”.

Benji O’s mom said: “He is understanding simple directions more often”.

We are so thankful for the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program and the skills it provides to our participants at GiGi’s Playhouse Tampa. Our thanks to our funders: Suncoast Credit Union Foundation, Amina Grace Memorial Foundation, Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Care, 200 Muslim Women Who Care, and Lightning Foundation for helping us bring and sustain this program in the Tampa Playhouse.

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