GiGi’s Playhouse Tampa Cheer Gems

We have merged GiGi’s Playhouse Cheer Gems program and Pop Warner Challenger Cheer Program to create an inclusive Cheer Team. Parents familiar with the two amazing organizations that serve the special needs community in different capacities sought to bring them together to propose a “new concept”. This concept has created an INCLUSIVE CHEER TEAM, that allows the team to include individuals with special needs and their siblings. Parents will not face having to find two cheer programs to accommodate their busy family schedules or that will leave one of their children sitting on the sidelines or their loved one with Down syndrome not being accepted. Sibling team members serve as positive role models for the entire team. Experienced Cheer Coaches volunteer their time and have the support of both national organizations. The Cheer Team will be showing off their talent at Tampa area youth football games and exhibiting at Pop Warner competitions.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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