Spreading love and acceptance on WDSD!


We are two days away from completing our #21DaysofEmpowerment campaign to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) and we are so happy to hear the wonderful feedback from our followers and supporters! This campaign is designed to show the world that Down syndrome does not define an individual. An individual is defined by their dreams, by what inspires them, by what makes them happy!

Sofia, one of our featured self-advocates

One of our self-advocates is a little girl who captivated the world with her message: “I can do anything!”. You might have seen one of her many videos spreading love and acceptance. However, what you might not know is that Sofia is not the only advocate in her family. Jennifer, her mom, is today’s guest writer.

The Sanchez siblings, celebrating WDSD
As a family of six, we’re living a full and busy life with three active boys and one Ukrainian princess.


World Down Syndrome Day

Ever since I became a mom to not one, but two children with Down syndrome, I enjoy increasing awareness on WDSD (3/21). I like sharing photos of my children or sharing stories about our life as a family. Now that they are old enough, I love that my children are able to advocate for themselves using their own words! Joaquin and Sofia are happy, healthy, active and engaged kids who attend their neighborhood school.

They have a very full and active social and sports calendar. We also fit in extra therapy appointments and we continue to have to advocate and fight for equal opportunities. The extra work that takes is well worth the rewards that come from it. We have challenges, but what family doesn’t? I have never experienced such unconditional love as I have with my two children born with an extra chromosome. It’s an honor to be their mom and I truly feel like we are “the lucky few”.

Sofia and Joaquin, partners in crime!
Our third son, Joaquin, was an unexpected blessing who came to us with a little something extra called Down Syndrome, and he was the inspiration that led us to adopt Sofia. Together, as siblings, Sofia will always have “someone just like her”. They are gifts to each other, partners in crime, friends for life, and will continue to build a bond and a very special brother/sister relationship throughout the rest of their lives.

‘i have a voice’ Dream, Sparkle & Shine

Be a part of our largest and most important fundraiser of the year!

We are thrilled to announce that GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego will be hosting our “i have a voice” benefit cocktail fundraiser at Sparks Gallery on Saturday, April 29th, 2017. Join us as we expand our voice in the world! Buy your tickets here.

'i have a voice' Dream, Sparkle & Shine
‘i have a voice’ Benefit Cocktail Party – April 29th at Sparks Gallery

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