We wish we may, we wish we might… 

While our many programs are always free to our families, they are not free to us.  Please consider helping us defray costs by purchasing one of the items on our Wish List.  Some items are used on a regular basis while others are one-time needs.  If you have access to an item or service not on our list, please contact us - we may just not know we need it! 

Items can be dropped off at the Playhouse at any time or, if ordering online, mailed to: 

GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego
4761 Cass St.
San Diego, CA 92109 

 Thank you in advance for your kindness and consideration. Your generous support is greatly appreciated and will truly transform lives. 

Wish List

Recurring Needs 

  • Cleaning Supplies (baby and Clorox wipes, dish and hand soap, trash bags, etc) 
  • Paper towels/ Tissues/ Paper Napkins 
  • Office Supplies (printer paper, tape, Post-it notes, binder clips, etc) 
  • Children’s Craft Supplies (safety scissors, crayons, markers, glue sticks, etc) 
  • Art supplies (Construction paper, outdoor chalk, etc) 
  • Action-reaction and pretend play type toys (Ideas can be found at www.beyondplay.com and www.theinspiredtreehouse.com) 
  • Food and Drink (water bottles, juice boxes, healthy snacks, grocery store Gift Cards, etc) 


One-Time Needs 

  • Laptop computers for tutoring 
  • Printers for offsite Program Coordinators 
  • Music system for the Playhouse 
  • Karaoke Machine for programs and events 
  • 10 yoga mats for our fitness programs 
  • A storefront building we can grow into! 


Could your company or someone you know help with any of these services? 

  • Marketing assistance 
  • Printing services for marketing materials 
  • Printing services for large banners 
  • Informational Sessions for Parents and Families  
  • Food or beverage supplies or services