The GiGi's Playhouse San Diego Youth Board is made up of dedicated and motivated high school students who see the importance of increasing awareness for individuals with Down Syndrome, as well as creating an environment that is accepting, generous and kind: the three fundamentals of the Generation G Pledge. The purpose of the Youth Board is to spread the message of Generation G through hosting events for members of the community, GiGi's Playhouse families and encouraging other high school students to commit to signing and carrying out the Generation G Pledge.

For more information on our Generation G Youth Board, please contact or

Goals of the Generation G Youth Board

  • Working with the Teen Tastic program
  • Increasing awareness among peers of GiGi's and Acceptance for All
  • Coming up with ideas for fundraising
  • Increasing awareness and outreach in the community of GiGi's and Acceptance for All

Luke, President 
La Jolla High School, Grade 11

My name is Luke Moreau and I am the president of GiGi's Playhouse San Diego Generation G Youth Board. One of my favorite things to do is volunteer in the community! I also run track at my school and enjoy playing video games. I've been involved with GiGi's Playhouse San Diego for several years and appreciate the various events and programs it has to offer. My favorite experience at GiGi's has been tutoring other students as part of their Literacy Program. Through the Youth Board, I hope to raise awareness for individuals with Down Syndrome and help them feel involved in their community.


Benjamin, Co Vice President 
La Jolla High School, Grade 11

My name is Benjamin Myers, and I am the Vice President of the GiGi's Playhouse San Diego Generation G Youth Board. Some of my favorite hobbies include fitness and video games. Having a healthy lifestyle is essential, but I also care about having fun with friends. Community service and volunteering are very important to me as well, as I desire to give back to my generous community and to make the world a better place. I decided to take on a leadership role in the GiGi’s Youth Board because I believe that our society has a very hard time accepting those who are different. Therefore, I hope to spread awareness of down syndrome and to educate people on what it means to be unique by volunteering at various events and helping run the Youth Board.


Aarav, Co Vice President
Del Norte High School, Grade 12

My name is Aarav Chawla, and I am the Co-Vice President of GiGi's Playhouse San Diego Generation G Youth Board. When I am not volunteering at Gigi’s Playhouse, I enjoy working out, hanging out with friends, and playing video games. I have been involved in Gigi’s since the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. My favorite experience volunteering at Gigi’s Playhouse is the weekly cooking classes that we teach. I can't wait to finish this year strong with Gigi's Playhouse!


Ava, Secretary
Hi! My name is Ava and I am the secretary for GiGi’s Playhouse Youth Board and also a volunteer for GiGi’s. I am currently a Junior at La Jolla High School and I’m on varsity Track and Field. I have a passion for reading. Anything to do with animals and I enjoy the outdoors, from the beach to the mountains. I am apart of my church. I also dogsit and babysit whenever I can. I absolutely love GiGi’s Playhouse! GiGi’s has such a comfortable, inviting, and loving environment that it is hard not cherish it. One of the many things I appreciate from GiGi’s is it is without a doubt the most judgement free, supportive, understanding, encouraging, and endearing group that I have ever been apart of.


Kevin, Treasurer


Grant, Member
La Jolla High School, Grade 11

Hello, my name is Grant! Currently a junior at La Jolla High, I'm a proud member of the Gigi's Playhouse San Diego Generation G Youth Board. You'll often find me volunteering at Gigi's Playhouse's special events, such as seasonal activities and picnics. One thing I love about Gigi's is the hands-on experience it provides; the ability to help people and make an impact on a personal level is very rewarding. Outside of Gigi's, I like making music, playing tennis, and writing code.


Ruby, Member
La Costa Canyon High School, Grade 10

Hi, I’m Ruby Kochik and I'm part of the Gigi’s Playhouse San Diego Generation G Youth Board and I am also a Gigi’s volunteer. I am a Co-Captain of my school’s Stampede Squad, an Inclusive spirit team, and compete on our water polo and swim teams. I enjoy reading, spending time with my friends and family, and going to the beach. I am a new member of Gigi’s Youth Board and I cannot wait to make more memories and friends!


Natasha, Member
University City High School, Grade 11

My name is Natasha Asgari. I am a member of Gigi’s Playhouse San Diego Generation G Youth Board and I volunteer for Gigi’s Playhouse virtually and in person. Along with volunteering, I established my own club at University City High School where I teach members about the harmful effects of ingredients found in our food and products. I enjoy competitive ice skating, hanging out with my friends, and traveling. My goals as a member of Gigi’s Youth Board is to help raise new members, find more fundraising opportunities, volunteer as a math and literacy tutor, and make sure everyone at Gigi’s Playhouse feels accepted and loved.