Participant Spotlight – Esther

Dynamic Tutoring Duo Featuring Esther and Celeste

Esther getting ready for tutoring

We often see and hear great things going on in the Playhouse especially during the Math and Literacy Tutor/Tutee season. Esther and Celeste have certainly developed that special bond during their Literacy Tutoring sessions.

Esther has been coming to GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego since her crawling days where she participated in the “Crawler’s and Walker’s”. Once Esther was able to walk, she was on the go and continues to grow and develop with the extra assistance from programs of which have included Crawler’s and Walkers’s, LMNOP, Destination Discovery and now Tutoring – Math and Literacy!!!

Esther’s first tutor Celeste started at GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego as a Youth Board member and general volunteer but quickly took her role as tutor. This is where her story with Esther becomes part of GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego history as Celeste has graduated and will continue to share her compassionate gift with others no doubt.

Celeste volunteering at our GFAC 2023 event

Now we would like you to get a sense on that connection from Celeste:

“I loved working with Esther! Some of her favorite things to do during the tutoring sessions are reading the Peppa Pig books and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed! During my time working with her, she greatly improved in several different areas. At first, she knew the majority of the alphabet and by the end of our time together, she had memorized all of her letters and almost all of the corresponding sounds. Esther was so fun to work with, as she was always enthusiastic and eager!” 


A parent’s feedback can be a vital component in the tutoring process and allows us to formulate a plan, re-evaluate and provide the best possible sessions to kiddos. Here is what Esther’s mom, Kelli offered:

“Esther loved her tutoring sessions with Celeste! Even if she was playing with something she’d put it away and go with Celeste when it was time. Celeste and Esther worked on letters and sounds. I wanted Esther to get tutoring because I think that seeing concepts like letters and words in more places than just school and home will reinforce how valuable it is to learn them!  Celeste’s tutoring supplemented what Esther learned in school. It was really gratifying to see their relationship develop as well. Celeste was enthusiastic and patient with Esther, and they were mutually excited to see each other every week! We are proud of Celeste and miss her now that she’s moved to college. We hope Celeste is proud of herself, and we know she is proud of Esther 😊”

Kelli (Esther’s mom)

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