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Finding your niche at GiGi’s – Meet Volunteer Dakota

Have you ever had that feeling that you were just meant to find a certain place. Well for some of our volunteers this is just the case. Meet our volunteer Dakota who had a similar experience and her curiosity has lead to pretty some awesome stuff.

We asked Dakota for some more incite and here is what she offered:

-How did you find GiGi’s?:

I found GiGi’s after receiving a traffic ticket & I chose to do community service instead of paying the fine. Little did I know that the ticket was a blessing in disguise. It lead me to GiGi’s which has now become one of my favorite places to spend time in San Diego! 

  • We offer community service hours on an individual circumstance basis.

-What do you like most about GiGi’s?: 

What I like most about GiGi’s is the community. From the participants to the volunteers, everyone is so kind, enthusiastic and inclusive. There’s never a dull moment & I leave with a smile, ear to ear!

  • We live by our inclusivity and Acceptance for All!

-What do you think we could do better to improve or incorporate?: 

My suggestions would be to serve healthier, reduced sugar foods & having additional fitness class days! GiGi’s fitness classes are SO much fun!

  • Agreed and encourage feedback as well as healthy meal prep options.

What is the importance of volunteering?: 

Volunteering provides an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself & has helped me find deeper sense of purpose in life. Offering time and effort is something money simply cannot buy!

  • YES!!!

-Anything else you would like to add?:

GiGi’s has made a valuable impact in my life through friendships, experience and finding purpose higher than myself. I feel so grateful to have found this organization & will always hold the people I’ve met here, close to my heart!

Dakota has been a shining light in different programs from Fitness, Fantastic Friends, and Music but has also helped beautify the Playhouse and maintain our garden. We are certainly appreciative of her time at GiGi’s and will wait for her return as she will be teaching overseas.

If you are interested in making a meaningful impact sign up to become a volunteer today!

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