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Reposted from GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse January 2, 2024

Namrata (Nana) is so happy that she has found her place in our Friday yoga class! Namrata truly shines in our programs and feels a sense of belonging there. She attends regularly, is quick to learn the poses, and excited to see our program leader Maggie and her virtual friends each week. Namrata’s sister told us, “This is something she has enjoyed for years! This program gives us something to look forward to. It also keeps Namrata occupied and teaches her new things each week!”  

Namrata enjoys other programs at GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse also! She attends our Fantastic Friends program and our Dance; LaBlast program. Namrata not only excels in our programs but has also formed meaningful connections in our virtual community. Her friendly and kind demeanor extends beyond the yoga mat, fostering genuine friendships with fellow participants, making our virtual programs an even more enriching experience for everyone involved. She is celebrated, accepted, and belongs in our Virtual Playhouse Programs, and we love having her there!  

GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse continues to be a source of inspiration, growth, and connection for Nana and her family. Participating in programs like Virtual Yoga, Dance and Fantastic Friends have contributed to Nana’s growth and we are so proud of how hard she works each week to give her Best of All!  

If you are not able to join us at our local San Diego Playhouse location please be sure to check out the GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse :

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