Wow! What an unusual of couple of weeks we have had, but we are so thankful of how much we have in our lives and we are thankful for all of the families who are part of GiGi’s.

This is what has happened in the last couple of weeks.

WiCP Photo Shoot

We had an exciting photo session thanks to the donation of their time by WiCP. Here are some pictures of this fun day! Stay tuned for their free 5 x 7 original picture and digital copy to all who participated in this photo shoot!


Parental Information Seminar

Even though our in-person seminar was canceled we were able to have a virtual presentation with Zoom! We had good participation and parents asked questions and Bertha was very resourceful. Our next topic will be on Special Education presented by Seth Schwartz, Special Education & Equality Attorney.

WDSD 3-21 video

Despite all that’s happening in the world, Individuals with Down syndrome and their families found themselves celebrating 3-21 in a big way. Even though we were unable to leverage our brick and mortar location or have a Picnic celebration, this is how we celebrated this special day.

Do you see any familiar faces in the video? This is how we Rocked our Socks and celebrated WDSD!!! We danced, we sang and wore our crazy socks!!

Enjoy this video!

WDSD 3-21 In San Diego

Here is how GiGi’s San Diego families celebrated on 3-21, thanks for participating with us and thanks to Resounding Joy Inc, for being the music stage!


Thanks to All who celebrated WDSD!. It is people like you who inspire us every day to continue the hard work. From all of our GiGi’s families, the volunteers and the Board:

Thank You!!!

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