This is the third in a series of blog posts related to the Superhero 5K, 1 Mile Walk and Kids Dash.  The Taghon family has been instrumental in bringing what started as the Buddy Walk to the event’s current status that includes the 5K. We asked them the same questions as the other families and you can see what they had to say below.

How did you hear about GiGi’s Playhouse?

We were fortunate enough to be part of the family group that brought Gigi’s Playhouse to the Quad Cities.

How long have you been participating in programming here at GiGi’s?

Since the start, back in 2011!

If you were to pick one thing to say about GiGi’s, what would be the #BestofAll you would like to share?

The Playhouse has allowed Korryn to grow her friendships and, along the way, grow as a person mentally and physically.

Why is this Superhero 5K fundraiser important to you?

This is a chance to raise awareness, celebrate the community we are a part of, and to help ensure that the Playhouse stays around for the next generation. As a runner, it’s also a chance to expose our local Playhouse to another way of staying healthy, and having fun doing it.

Tell us about your team!

Teakorrynm Korryn includes anybody who has been impacted by our daughter and wants to celebrate who she is and what she has meant to them. She has opened our eyes to a whole new wonderful world and feel she, and the other Playhouse families, have so much to more to offer. We haven’t scratched the surface yet!

Would you encourage others to create teams and/or participate in the race?

Every team reaches a whole new audience who otherwise might not have been exposed to what GiGi’s Playhouse is all about. Every team has a huge impact on the Playhouse today and where it is headed. We are here to stay!

Thank you Mark and Dawn for sharing your story (and Korryn) will all of us! We can’t wait to celebrate with you on October 1st.

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