Each year, GiGi’s Playhouse grants esteemed awards and certificates that recognize achievements within the network of Playhouses across North America. Below are the proud achievements from this Playhouse location:

2022: Core Value Champion: Best of All 
The Best of All Award is for a Playhouse that leads from behind, quietly packing in all the tools and resources to do (almost) everything right.  This Playhouse has a long history and always finds a way to get better in every way.

2022: Standard of Execution (SOE) Champion 
Locations that have achieved Strong or Center of Excellence on at least 5 SOEs.

2019: Generation G - Heather Malli, Creator of LMNOP
Special Award for an individual or Playhouse

2017 Generation G  - Jenn Parsons
Special Award for an individual or Playhouse

2013: Core Value Champion: Get it Done - Michelle Hughes
This award is given to a Playhouse staff member who blasts through barriers and stands out among their peers in the Playhouse network

Standards of Execution Certificates


The Standards of Execution (SOE’s) define a descriptive list of standards for each of the 8 core functions of the GiGi’s business.  Each Playhouse has an opportunity to achieve along a continuum of growth.

8 SOE Circle 2023

2023 Certificates

Center of Excellence: Programs, Marketing, Operations & Facility, Volunteer Management & HR

2022 Certificates

Center of Excellence: Programs, Operations & Facility, Donation Processing & Data Management
Strong: Marketing, Financial Health, Board Health & Strategy

2021 Certificates

Strong:  Operations and Facility, HR & Volunteer Management