3 Days – 21 Facts (Day 3)

Today is day 3 and we will be finishing up the 21 facts and also having a virtual party on Facebook at 3:21 ET. Hope we “see” you there!

In case you missed it, GiGi’s is sharing 21 facts about Down Syndrome over the course of 3 days to celebrate World Down syndrome Day!  Each day we shared 7 facts on our social media platforms. Below are the facts we shared today! We ask you to please like, share and comment on the ones that speak to you! Your participation is key in helping spread the awareness message. Plus there will be prizes for participation. Visit our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest to like, comment and share the facts posts there to increase your chances to be entered to win prizes!

Fact 15- The exact cause of the extra chromosome that triggers Down syndrome is unknown.

Fact 16- Down syndrome was named after the English doctor, John Langdon Down, who was the first to categorize the common features of people with the condition.

Fact 17- Most adults and older children with Down syndrome understand that they have Down syndrome.

Fact 18- Individuals with Down syndrome wear their diagnosis on their face which leads to judgment and bullying.

Fact 19- Every person with Down syndrome has low muscle tone. This is one of the biggest obstacles that they face.

Fact 20- Instead of “a Down syndrome child” or “Downs Kid” it should be “a child with Down syndrome.” People first language puts the person before the diagnosis.

Fact 21- Individuals with Down syndrome are more alike than they are different.

Thank you for participating today, the past 3 days, and really each and every day that you show kindness, acceptance, and generosity. We are #StrongerTogether we are #generationG.

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