We can’t take credit for these amazing plans and activities but we certainly wanted to share them with you! We encourage all of our participants & their siblings to participate in these activities at home! Thank you to the Indianapolis and Nashville Playhouses (and possibly others) and their volunteers for putting these all together.

We are #StrongerTogether!

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming soon for GiGi’s At Home Programs On Demand and Live online options too!



Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons:
Lesson | Video Student Handouts | Learn the signs for: Cat and Button | Groovy Sing A Long

Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes:
Lesson | Video | Student Handouts | Learn the signs for: Cat and Shoe | Groovy Song: Petes Go Marching On

Pete The Cat and The Cool Cat Boogie
Lesson | Video Student Handouts | Learn the signs for: Cat and DanceBoogie Dance A Long


Lesson 1: Dinosaurs 

Lesson 2: Apples

Lesson 3: Ice Cream



Mister Fish Oil Pastel or Crayon Drawing:
Lesson | Video | Student Handout

Watercolor Toucan:
Lesson | Video | Student Handout

Durer Pattern Rhino:
Lesson | Video | Student Handout


Lesson 1: Gross Motor + Healthy Snack

Lesson 2: Fine Motor + Gross Motor


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3



Lesson: Workouts 1-3 | Video

Teens & Adults

Lesson: Life Skills

We will be hosting a zoom session with our Teen Tastic and Fantastic Friends participants soon!


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Number Formation

1. Number Formation Chart
Learn the step-by-step, child-friendly way to teach number formation.


2. ABC Names For Pre-K
Children learn to put names in ABC order.


3. Where Do You Start Your Letters?
Send home this fun song so families can help instill good starting habits for capitals.


4. Print Letter Formation Charts

Download Capitals 

Download Lowercase Letters

5. Cursive Letter Formation Charts

Download Capitals

Download Lowercase Letters 

6. Alphabet Strips for K–5
An easy, child-friendly method for alphabetizing.


Grades 1–2

Grades 3+ 


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