Bubbles & Bananas!


Leah had a best of all moment when we were working on oral motor exercises.  Oral motor skills are hard, but bubbles are amazing.  The ability to purse your lips correctly and blow the right amount of air for bubbles is a skill you may take for granted.  It is actually a task that takes a lot of physical and cognitive coordination. Leah has been working on these skills for a while and this Wednesday did it!

Here are some pictures of Leah’s lesson with our new intern Anna– showing I do, We do and You do which are part of the goals for our one-on-one tutoring and speech sessions.


I Do

We Do

You Do


Ollie learned to say the word banana in sign language quickly!  It took him less than 15 minutes and ½ a banana to imitate this yummy sign.  Way to go, Ollie!

To see a sweet video of Ollie signing banana click here.


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