April 2021 Best of All

Each month we look back on the previous month and choose 3 stories to share with our board and the national office.

We also highlight many of them on the Best of All Wall here at the Playhouse!

Here’s a look back at April 2021!

Participant Best of All

Sarah is our participant best of all for April! She really showed her kitchen skills as the in-person assistant during GiGi’s Kitchen Teen and Adult. This session just so happened to have 2 recipes to complete! She had made a taco casserole and churro bowls filled with yogurt and fresh fruit. She prepared this meal with the assists from St. Ambrose for everyone, including her mom and dad. Through GiGi’s Kitchen Teen and Adult, she’s gained confidence in the kitchen- like going to grab a pan without prompting. We look forward to all the new recipes that Sarah and her family come up with!


Volunteer Spotlight

 May be an image of one or more people, people standing and indoorAnn is our contracted Speech and Language Pathologist. Yes, she’s contracted and gets paid for providing speech sessions but she goes above and beyond that by volunteering additional time to attend national SLP meetings, do research and planning, create personalized materials, and so much more! Between sessions, she’s willing to help in any way she can. She even supports and participates in our fundraisers! She’s even set up a team for the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge: Superhero Run, Walk, and Dash. If you don’t have a team to join or support, please show her and our Speech & Language Program some love by joining or supporting the Super Speech Supporters Team. 

Playhouse Inspiration

Our Superhero Teams inspire us to keep pushing forward even during uncertain times. There are over 30 teams registered for the Superhero Race, and have they have raised over $40,000! This is phenomenal, and the numbers continue to grow every day. We have been one of the top leading Playhouses (out of all Playhouse) thanks to our teams and their supporters. 

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