Group Volunteering

In the past year, we have had several groups come to the Playhouse and volunteer their time and talents. Groups have come in to clean the Playhouse, present a new skill to participants and decorate for the holidays. They also have helped us prepare for and be a part of special events, put together supply drives and so much more.

Groups associated with work, teams, school, church, girl/boy scouts are always welcome. We love having support from our community and showing out families that their community supports them too! It doesn’t have to be big group; you can even volunteer as a team of just two if you’d like.

If you’re part of a group that would be interested in volunteering, just give us a call at the Playhouse to discuss the possibility. We’d be happy to have you!

There is a brief overview of volunteer opportunities on our website but there are often special events or needs that come up throughout the year that are not represented there. If you have any questions or suggestions, just let us know.

Many thanks to all the groups that have volunteered in the past! We look forward to seeing you again soon and meeting new groups too!

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