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The Conversation Corner, by Brook Fieldman

Part 5 of 8 – There will be 2 blogs each week in this series with a night of in-person recap at the end of the month.

Teaching Effective Communication In Various Settings 

As you’ve learned, effective communication skills are crucial for cultivating positive social relationships. These relationships extend beyond home environments; hence, it’s appropriate to practice effective communication in various social settings. Here, I’ll be discussing the importance of maintaining strong communication skills in the classroom and the workplace because individuals with Down syndrome can benefit from resources that help them excel in the classroom, workplace, and in job interviews. It’s important to apply communication skills in environments that create opportunities for practice and growth.

Below are tips specific to these settings.

  • Classroom: Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone each day, whether that be sitting with someone new at lunch, raising your hand in class, or joining different peers for a group project. It’s essential to share ideas and respect others’ contributions when working in a classroom.
  • Job interview: Interviews evoke many emotions, so it’s important to express your questions and excitement. It may be helpful to conduct mock interviews to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Place a few stories “in your back pocket” for good reference. On the day of the interview, I recommend practicing power poses (e.g., standing like superman), positive self-talk, and deep breathing exercises to promote confidence and relaxation. And finally, wear clothing that you feel comfortable in and that boosts your confidence. 
  • Workplace etiquette: Be sure to communicate punctuality and dress code to remain professional. Fine-tune the use of problem-solving skills to work effectively with others and navigate stressful environments. Practice reacting and applying your knowledge to different situations to come best prepared for work. 

Moreover, applying effective communication skills in educational and employment settings can empower individuals with Down syndrome to succeed in many social environments.

Thank you for reading.

Submitted by, Brook Fieldman, Augustana Intern

  • Augustana College Class of 2024
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders Major
  • Disability and Asian Studies Minors

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