March 2021 Best of All!

Each month we look back on the previous month and choose 3 stories to share with our board and the national office.

We also highlight many of them on the Best of All Wall here at the Playhouse!

Here’s a look back at March 2021!

Participant Best of All:

This month’s Best of All goes to all 7 of our GiGi’s Kitchen Teen and Adult participants! These 7 participants (not all shown above) have phenomenal attendance and work hard every Tuesday night. Most have never missed a program! They stay engaged and even take risks in the kitchen using new skills they’ve learned through their hands-on cooking at home. When asked what their favorite part of tailgating week was, Michael said making the cornbread! Both Rita and Abby said their favorite part was cooking with their friends.  


Volunteer Spotlight:

GiGi’s Kitchen Teen and Adult is being led by St. Ambrose University’s Occupational Therapy Department on their campusWhile the program is virtual, it’s been amazing to see our teens and adults using such important life skills and getting more comfortable in their own kitchens. We can’t thank the St. Ambrose University Occupational Therapy Department enough for all they’re doing to make this program possible 



Playhouse Inspiration (Donor, Outreach, Event, etc.): 

Lots of locals took the Generation G Pledge including staff from HyVee and many friends from Respect Abilities!

One of the Quad Cities’ Police Departments, East Moline, took the Generation G Pledge on World Down Syndrome Day as well! They stated, We are joining GiGi’s playhouse and East Moline’s own Respect Abilities in taking the pledge to be accepting, generous, and kind! #WDSD 

We LOVE our inclusive community! 

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