Lock Laces® and GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers have partnered to showcase the many different kinds of warriors there are in this world.

Lock Laces® will donate 25% of your purchase towards GiGi's Playhouse.

Current Happenings at GiGi's Playhouse New Orleans

We Are On A Mission


GiGi’s Playhouse New Orleans is a place where parents can go to for good information when they first receive a diagnosis; where infants and toddlers with Down syndrome attend group enrichment programs; where school-age children receive tutoring which specifically addresses the learning difficulties that often accompany the diagnosis; where teens and adults make friends while participating in fitness programs specially designed to complement their joint laxity and congenitally low muscle tone; where families meet to discuss best-practices; and where members of the community come to teach and learn from people different than themselves in order to create a more inclusive city.

COVID-19 Guidelines

GiGi’s Playhouse New Orleans is taking the pandemic very seriously and doing everything in our power to keep you safe. Be sure and check out our COVID-19 Guidelines.

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