World Down Syndrome Day- A New Mom’s Perspective

Guest post by Playhouse mom- Allie


World Down Syndrome Day


This day is celebrated on March 21st, or 3/21. This date was selected because Down syndrome is created by a 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome. 


This time last year, I felt dread and guilt on this day.


I watched parents and teachers post wonderful things about celebrating and bringing awareness to Down syndrome.


I was just a little over a month from having Norah, and the emotions were so mixed. I worried I would never feel anything but sadness on this day. 


This year is different.


I understand why people feel so strongly about bringing awareness.


This year I feel pride, joy, and motivation.


I’m motivated to bring a better understanding to this syndrome so that parents like myself, or anyone unfamiliar with Down syndrome can see more than what the internet shows.


I want everyone to experience the joy that Norah brings to my life and others. 


Throughout this year I’ve realized something vital – Norah is first and foremost a baby, and a worthy one.

She has feelings and emotions like every other child.

She experiences milestones at her own pace, like every other child.

After conversations with other parents, I’ve realized that we all have this in common.


We are passionate about ending the stigma and showing the amazing faces behind Down syndrome. 

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