GiGi's Kitchen Programs 2024

The following GiGi's Kitchen Programs will be offered at the Madison Playhouse in Spring 2024:

  • GiGi's Kitchen Teens – recommended for ages 13-17 years old

The following GiGi's Kitchen Programs will tentatively be returning in Fall 2024:

  • GiGi's Kitchen Kids– recommended for School-Age Learners, ages 6-12 years old
  • GiGi's Kitchen Teens – recommended for ages 13-17 years old
  • GiGi's Kitchen Adults – recommended for ages 18+

We typically offer our GiGi's Kitchen Programs two sessions per year:

  • Spring session: January - May
  • Fall session: September- December

For more information regarding the GiGi's Kitchen programs, call (608) 709-1411 or email

Our GiGi’s Kitchen programs are designed to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and early exposure to practical cooking skills. Under the guidance of program leaders, participants will engage in activities designed to promote healthy eating habits, kitchen safety awareness, food preparation skills, self-confidence, and social skills by applying learned skills as they prepare and enjoy a shared meal/snack!

The GiGi’s Kitchen programs are truly life changing!! Participants in the GiGi’s Kitchen programs are motivated by their peers as they strive for their personal Best of All in health and wellness! 

Program Ages

  • GiGi’s Kitchen Kids, recommended for ages 6-12 years old
  • GiGi’s Kitchen Teen, recommended for ages 13-17 years old
  • GiGi’s Kitchen Adult, recommended for ages 18+ years old

The Goals for GiGi’s Kitchen programs

  • Increase healthy eating habits by developing a positive relationship with food, understanding the importance of a balanced diet, recognizing hunger cues and other body signals, and introduction to concepts of nutrition.
  • Increase kitchen safety awareness by practicing safe food handling techniques and recognizing common kitchen dangers to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Increase food preparation skills, with a focus on the fine motor, cognitive, math, and literacy skills required to use utensils and kitchen equipment, learn cooking techniques, measure ingredients, and follow recipes.
  • Increase self-confidence and social skills through activities that promote responsibility, good manners, and peer to peer interaction, including participation in clean-up and bonding over meals.
  • Increase quality of life by sharing learned skills at mealtime, creating memories, establishing meaningful relationships, and applying knowledge of nutrition and wellness for a healthy lifestyle.

If your local Playhouse offers the GiGi’s Kitchen program you are interested in, please apply through them. If your local Playhouse is not offering the GiGi’s Kitchen program you are interested in, please apply through the Virtual playhouse.

Questions about our GiGi’s Kitchen programs? Email us at