Self-Advocate Blog Inspiration

Blog Post by Self- Advocate Committee Co-Leader, Maya Greengus


You are probably going to say these are jelly beans and ask what’s important about that. It’s more than two candies sitting on a desk.

The colors signifies the point of what I’m writing about.

Blue and yellow means to me that when you are born the way you’re supposed to be, it’s allowed and accepted in this world to be unique.

Down syndrome is more of an ability.


People who use the term disability in whatever context can be hurtful because then it sounds like, “ yea any pronoun has a disability that’s how they are” can come off as an insult, offense.

We are definitely capable in our own lives to have the ability to do anything we can do to achieve well in our lives, chase after dreams, live a full life, not being restricted to what we can do.

Down syndrome is most definitely an ability we are born with because we need a difference in our lives where we won’t stand to be judged, mocked.

We are who we are.

If anyone who follows me on Facebook who thinks negatively about this blog, unfollow me, because I’m born with Down syndrome as a young adult advocating for what’s true.

Down syndrome is a strength, an ability to do well in our lives.


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