Inclusivity through Fitness

What Does Inclusivity Look Like?

Inclusivity can mean many things. Some think of it as inviting someone to sit with you or maybe it’s playing at an ADA accessible playground.

One organization we recently partnered with saw an opportunity to make Bicycle Riding, which is a life-long skill, an inclusive activity!

Free Bikes 4 Kidz Madison (FB4K) is an amazing non-profit that is geared toward helping all kids ride into a happier, healthier childhood by providing bikes to those most in need.

Their Executive Director, Kristie Goforth, shared “We’re on a mission to see that every kid in Dane County who wants a bike gets one, no matter their financial position or ability. We are dedicated to making the joys of biking inclusive to everyone even if they have different abilities or have never ridden before. Bikes can be modified to fit every individual’s needs.”

Our Madison Site Manager, Kelly Antonson, and Kristie believed the mission of  FB4K  and that of GiGi’s Playhouse, to make the world a more accepting place and to bring a global message of acceptance for all, aligned perfectly so they set on to create the first inclusive bike giveaway for both organizations.

On May 8th all the organization and planning came together! Our Madison Playhouse had 29 eager families register to receive a free bike, bike helmet and front and rear lights

for their new bikes.  The volunteers at FB4K did an incredible job of making sure each participant, ranging from 3-adult, left with a bike that was safe and perfect for them to use!

The volunteers checked that each bike was the right size, tuned up breaks and adjust seats and handles and even removed the pedals on some so that any sized bike could become a ‘strider’ bike.


This adjustment allows people to have their feet firmly on the ground while still practicing the balance needed to build the muscles to ride a bike.   







Making these adjustments, and having a few tag-along and adult tricycles available, is what helped make this giveaway event inclusive! FB4K acknowledged that it’s so important for people of all abilities to have access to something that can provide independence, strength and fun.


We also had some of our Madison volunteers come to the event and put on a little bike class that allowed our participants to try out their bikes in a safe and encouraging way!


We are so grateful to organizations that believe that inclusivity and acceptance is something that should be happening in their day to day. It took a large team to bring this to fruition and the results are going to have life-changing effects for all involved.

To learn more about Free Bikes 4 Kidz Madison find them online or Facebook.




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