Gratitude for Dedicated Board of Directors

As an organization we are 99% volunteer run and some of our most impactful volunteers are from our Board of Directors. This month we are celebrating these four individuals who have been volunteering in various capacities for a combined 3,000 volunteer hours!

Amy Ulrich- Board Member and Grant Writer

Amy has been volunteering with the Playhouse since the very beginning. Since 2017 she has over 1,000 volunteer hours! Amy is a sibling/caregiver for her brother , CJ, who is an important person in our Playhouse family too. One of Amy’s primary roles with our board has been as our grant writer. She works incredibly hard to find new funding opportunities and is a huge reason why we have been able to grow our purposeful programming! While Amy will be stepping down from the board she has agreed to stay on as a grant writer and is also helping train staff and other board members on best practices for writing grants. THANK YOU Amy for all your work and passion for our Playhouse community!

Keith Lehnherr- Past Treasurer and Board Member

Keith has been volunteering with us since 2020. He started as our board treasurer and then moved to a board member who focuses on our golf committee and fundraising efforts. Keith has done a great job with making sure our finances are solid and that our golf outing is super successful. We are happy to say that Keith will still be volunteering with our golf committee after his time on the board is complete. THANK YOU Keith!

Jessica Abegglen- Board Member

Jessica has volunteered with us since 2020. During her time with us, she has helped us improve our programming offerings and DEI plans. She has also has been a large sponsor for our golf and gala events. Jessica and her family have all participated in events at the Playhouse and have shared their passion for 3 years. We are so grateful for all their support and for all the time Jessica has given to our Playhouse community. THANK YOU Jessica!

Julie Byrnes- Past Board President and Board Member

Julie has been a volunteer with our Playhouse since 2018. During her time with us she has given over 1,600 volunteer hours! Julie started as a board member, moved to board vice-president, and then to board president. During her time as vice-president, the Playhouse was in a transition period as COVID started. Julie stepped back from the board and into an interim Executive Director role to help the playhouse continue to move forward. When our Site Director was hired, Julie helped train her and then transitioned back to her vice-president role. Her family are all active participants, sponsors and donors with all of our events and bring excitement with them every time. Julie now is the Executive Director for the Virtual Playhouse, so we are lucky to still be able to work closely with her. Julie’s passion and dedication to our Playhouse is a major reason we have grown and thrived these past few years. THANK YOU Julie!

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