Down Syndrome Awareness Month- REAL Perspectives from REAL Local Families: Adi

This year, to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we asked a few of our Playhouse families and friends to give their REAL perspective on what it’s like to love someone with Down syndrome. These blogs will be posted in a question and answer format.


Earlier this month, we posted about Henry, an energetic 2-1/2 year old. If you missed it, you can read about him here!



Meet Adi – Answers from Adi’s Mom, Jennifer  

How would you describe your child with Down syndrome? What are their likes and dislikes?  

Adi is free spirited and silly. She loves movies, dancing, singing, swimming and gymnastics. If she could eat smoothies, pancakes and chocolate every day, she’d be a happy camper!  

Addi paddle boarding at Devil’s Lake

What are some wins Adi has had, recently?  

Adi completed eight seasons of Girls on the Run (and the 5ks that follow!). A big win – she has been riding horses at Three Gaits since she was four – this summer, she rode her own horse all by herself, on a trail ride while on vacation in Greece! It was amazing and empowering to watch!  


What have been your most valuable resources?  

Three Gaits has been a big part of Adi’s life and gives her confidence. The speech program at Goodnight Hall (UW Speech & Hearing Clinic) has also greatly helped with her communication skills. And lastly, working with Disability Rights Wisconsin has helped assist with advocacy when I’ve needed it.  


What advice do you have for families who have a child with Down syndrome, who aren’t as far along the path, as you are?  

My philosophy is the same for all three of my children – support them to reach their potential. Have the same expectations for your child with Down syndrome as your typical child, but know that it might take a little longer to get there. And let others help you get there – there are amazing people out there that want to help your child be the best they can be!  

Adi and her big sister, Estella

Adi and her little sister, Lucia

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