All About Art Explosion 

Starting Thursday, February 16, join us at the Playhouse for Art Explosion! Art Explosion is one of our drop-in group programs, and one of the only programs that is open to all ages! 

Each week, we will introduce a theme and participants will have the opportunity to create art or do a craft. These hands-on activities encourage creative thinking and self-expression. Art Explosion is open to all ages and skill levels. Themes and direction are flexible and easily adapted to differing skill levels. 

Themes may center around a holiday or season, art medium or artist. During the fall session, Playhouse participants worked with clay; learned about photography and had the opportunity to take pictures; created comic book style art and completed holiday crafts! 

Here is a preview of what you can expect this session: 

Art Explosion is led by Libby Johnson, a Madison transplant from the East coast who works at Epic as a project manager on the implementation team. Libby sought out GiGi’s as a way to stay connected and give back to the Down syndrome community, after work. Her older sister, Sarah (33), has Down syndrome and participated in a similar program growing up. Libby said that it was extremely impactful and helped her sister build a social network and learn new skills. 

This will be Libby’s second session leading Art Explosion and we’re so grateful for her. 

Libby and her sister Sarah

Last session, one of the participants, Matt, was obsessed with the tiny violin and it became an ongoing bit. Libby said this was one of her favorite memories, leading the program. 

Bottom line: Art Explosion is all about fun, and all abilities can participate. No tiny violins needed! 

If you’re not familiar with the tiny violin click on the white portion of the video below: 


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