At a recent group meeting of the SMART adult program, we entertained the theme of Critical Thinking: Cause/Effect. There were activities, and even snack preparation, addressing “what would happen if…” situations.

One of the SMART participants really enjoys talking, some times to the exclusive of others in the conversation. The volunteers and other participants in the group have used their critical thinking skills to develop various strategies to not be rude to this participant but to allow others to join in the conversation in a respectful manner. For instance, during the opening activities, the program leader would use a “talking stick” to signal when a person was given the opportunity to verbally communicate/talk.

However, one of the less able communicators used his own strategy when he was being interrupted. He held up his hand toward the impulsive talker until he finished his comment. This worked “like a charm.” These two young men now claim a new found friendship, based on mutual respect.

This was truly a “best of all” moment! – Judy Heil, SMART Program Leader




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