A Friendship that Gives Back

Isabelle and Thomas

We recently learned about an incredible story of friendship and want to share with the world.

Thomas is one of our awesome Playhouse friends and his friend from school, Isabelle, has become a volunteer at our Playhouse.

Thomas and Isabelle have been friends for a very long time and their friendship inspired Isabelle to write a book about it. She is donating the proceeds form her book to the Playhouse! Read below to learn about this awesome duo and what inspired Isabelle to document their story.

You can find her book on amazon HERE.

Thomas autographing the book

How did you and Thomas become friends?

I always knew Thomas from school but it wasn’t until we were in the same 4th grade
class that we became friends. From the start I noticed that Thomas had a big personality and
enjoyed being around people. We had a mutual friend that brought us together and I am happy
to say we are all still friends.

What type of things do you like to do together?

We love to go and get ice cream together, and our favorite flavor is chocolate. We also
like to swim, and this summer we are playing baseball together at Miracle League.

What do you like most about Thomas?

I like that no matter what type of mood I am in, when I see Thomas he is excited and full
of joy. He has a way of bringing up my mood. Thomas is very empathetic and compassionate.
He is a loyal friend that I can always count on.

Has Thomas given you a different view on the world?
He has taught me that every individual has unique contributions to offer and of the
importance of celebrating, not hiding our differences. Our friendship helped me learn how
important it is to see past preconceived notions and recognize individual personalities, talents,
and potential.

Thomas proudly showing the book and him and his friend Isabelle

What made you write a book about your story?

I wrote the book for a couple of reasons, one was to help promote inclusivity and
empathy. I know children’s books have the power to shape young minds and change attitudes. I
hope my story of friendship can help people connect with those who may be different from them
and create a more accepting and compassionate society.

At the very least I hope this book can serve as a starting point for important conversations about disabilities, empathy, and friendship.

I also wrote this book for my friend Thomas. I think it is important for children with Down
syndrome to be represented in books and media. Every child should be able to identify and feel
seen in a story.

The final reason I wrote this book was to give back. I started to volunteer at
GiGi’s Playhouse to help fill my hours for National Honors Society. When I found out that it
provides all of its programs free of charge, I wanted to find a way to help. I decided what better
way than to publish a children’s book and donate the proceeds.

Thomas’ family donated a book to the Playhouse and he signed it for us!

THANK YOU Isabelle for sharing your story and for all the ways you are living Generation G by being accepting, generous and kind!

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