During the week of September 14th, 10 participants learned how to properly ride a strider bike! A strider bike helps teach balance before pedaling which allows for our participants to gain confidence and enhance coordination. Thanks to Riders for Striders, kiddos were able to practice on their own strider bike throughout our 5 day clinic!



By the end of the week, every participant was feeling comfortable on their bike! In addition, kiddos felt confident enough to go down the ramp and even go through an obstacle course on their bike. The bike clinic ended with an award ceremony and celebratory popsicles!




Tyler Klassen, founder of non-profit “Riders for Striders” assembled a motorcycle charity back in 2015. The proceeds from the event were given to GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis to provide participants with the opportunity to learn how to ride a strider bike! The motorcycle event was such a hit that the event still took place during the COVID-19 pandemic back in June and was successful.


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