Best of All May 2023 Issue – Iris

“We started attending GiGi’s for LMNOP when Iris was about 3 months old. She has always loved being around people, so she quickly responded to her classmates. As she has grown, we have added music class and this spring – GiGiFIT. Iris loves music and dancing. She might not actively participate class, but she takes in all the input and it comes out later. She is building arm strength to crawl and feed herself. Thanks to playing in the tunnel. She is loving songs with motions especially “Wheels on the Bus”, signing words she knows and taking a bath. Iris loves to be outside, so she can swing. We are happy summer is here for more sun and water time. Iris’s unique personality is developing strongly! She is able to communicate some of her needs, wants and favorite things. If all else fails, she can grunt and put her hands on her hips. She loves woof woofs (dogs), listening to books and playing with friends. As her second birthday approaches, we are thankful for her stable health and continued growth.”

– Iris’s Mom

We are thrilled to highlight Iris in our “Best of All” blog this month! At each and every program that Iris arrives at, she consistently gives it her all and is kind to others. We are so happy that we know a friend like Iris, and we cannot wait to see her continue to grow up with the Playhouse!

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