Jennie Auble

It is my honor to introduce to you our Volunteer of the Year! Jennie Auble is a key volunteer at our Playhouse. She has been volunteering for Art Explosion for years and never ceases to amaze. Jennie has been a virtual and an in-person volunteer for GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis! Jennie has created such a sacred Art Explosion environment that allows for friendships to be created, inclusion to be a promise and fun to always be had!

She has created Art Explosion activities such as making Hawaiian Lei’s and Grass Crowns, Jellyfish Salt Paintings, Celery Stamp Flowers and a Butterfly Mosaic that was included in our Silent Auction during our 2020 Gala. This item sold for $250, photo attached below. We cannot thank Miss Jennie for all that she has done for GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis!




“I discovered GiGi’s before they ever opened through a conversation with a friend after my first grandchild, Max, was born. One reason I love GiGi’s is the camaraderie of the parents and volunteers and how everyone made you feel at home there. Max and I attended several classes for infants through the Preschool Prep program.

Art Explosion happened one evening over tacos when Denisse and I put our heads together and brainstormed ideas for programming. I had recently retired from teaching art for 33 years, so it seemed natural to start up an art class for our middle-age kids where we didn’t have as many programs at the time. I missed teaching art and interaction with teenagers, plus one of my favorite courses I taught at Westfield Middle School was a special needs art class where the kids worked one-to-one with a peer creating art.

The best part about Art Explosion is having silly fun with the kids, being creative, and watching   them blossom through peer socialization and creating art.”

– Jennie Auble, 2020 Volunteer of the Year

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