Why I Run: Team Sassy Savannah and Friends 

GiGi’s Playhouse is thrilled to spotlight Team Sassy Savannah and Friends, who are once again participating in the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge. Their unwavering belief in GiGi’s Playhouse and its mission of global acceptance for all drives their dedication and commitment. 

Savannah and her family feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by a supportive and loving community. This year, they are determined to surpass all their previous fundraising goals. They have set an ambitious target to raise $13,021 for GiGi’s Playhouse to support the amazing programs provided every day. Currently, Savannah is benefiting from free speech and literacy tutoring, which has made a significant impact on her development. 

As Kim Garvey beautifully puts it, “I walk in honor of my daughter Savannah and my Uncle John, spreading awareness for all.” 

Every day, countless people struggle to find acceptance. GiGi’s Playhouse envisions a world where everyone is embraced for who they are, regardless of diagnosis, race, or sexual orientation. At GiGi’s, we champion “Generation G,” a pledge to foster greater acceptance, generosity, and kindness. All differences and unique abilities should be celebrated and encouraged. 

Team Sassy Savannah and Friends is committed to making this vision a reality. Together, we can support GiGi’s Playhouse, celebrate our differences, and promote a more inclusive world. Let’s walk, run, and spread awareness for a brighter future. 

Click here to read more about Sassy Savannah and Friends, more of our GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge 2024 teams and to get involved today!

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