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Black Down Syndrome Association
The Black Down Syndrome Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Black families with the resources and support they need for their loved ones with Down Syndrome.

LuMind IDSC Foundation
LuMind IDSC serves as a bridge between the Down syndrome community and the research community.

There four programs are:

    1. My DSC
      My DSC is a comprehensive directory of evidence-based resources and useful tools for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Membership is free and available to anyone with an interest in Down syndrome. The library provides members with reliable, up-to-date information regarding: health and wellness, lifestyle, education, medical and research information.
    2. DS-CTN
      The Down Syndrome Clinical Trials Network was built to conduct large-scale, multi-site trials with experienced clinicians who are experts at providing medical care for individuals with Down syndrome. Founded in 2019, today the DS-CTN is accelerating research into the unmet medical needs of people with Down syndrome.
    3. LuMIND IDSC Research Consortium
      The LuMind IDSC Research Consortium is a collaboration of the pharmaceutical industry, medical device industry, and biotech companies working to accelerate Down syndrome research and achieve significant therapeutic and health outcomes.
    4. Life-DSR Study
      The Longitudinal Investigation for the Enhancement of Down Syndrome Research (LIFE-DSR) is a multi-year, coordinated research study by medical and academic professionals to track and analyze the medical and physical data of 270 adults with Down syndrome.LIFE-DSR is an “observational” study. This is not a trial for new medication or therapy. Rather, teams in hospitals and universities collect “data points” (for example, height and weight, sleeping patterns, and blood samples) gathered over time to help researchers form a clearer picture of the physiology of people with DS.

      Scientists want to learn more about how adults with Down syndrome (DS) change as they age. They particularly want to develop tools to measure the changes that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease for people with Down syndrome. Scientists and clinicians experienced in research are conducting the study, along with participating doctors, and the LuMind IDSC Foundation.

Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities 
Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities supports and empowers people with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work and play in the community.

Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Ohio
The Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Ohio (DSANEO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support, education and advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome, their families and communities.

Connecting for Kids
Connecting for Kids (CFK) provides education and support for families with a concern about their child. We can help with many types of concerns - from understanding a new diagnosis to family challenges, like divorce or adoption. CFK programs are free to any family with children between the ages 0-12. Our service area includes Cuyahoga, Lorain and the surrounding counties.

Cleveland Clinic Center for Down Syndrome
Cleveland Clinic Children's Center for Down Syndrome is focused on helping your child reach his or her full potential. Our multidisciplinary approach helps ensure that each child’s needs are met, utilizing state-of-the-art resources to provide comprehensive collaborative care for children with Down Syndrome and their families.

Rec2Connect is dedicated to developing life-long skills, promoting access to recreation, and increasing community inclusion for people with and without disabilities and their families to enhance their quality of life.

Down Syndrome Resources


Virtual Playhouse

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GiGi’s Playhouse is a place to develop independence and push boundaries. We understand that it may be challenging to keep your child active and engaged – but it is so important to keep him or her happy, healthy, and confident! Many of the items prepared in these books will set a foundation for a successful future for your child – educationally, socially, and even for a future career experience! This book is a tool for you!

How I Learn


At GiGi’s Playhouse, we see potential, ability, and possibility. We educate, inspire, and believe.  We celebrate uniqueness and we shout out to the world so everyone knows how AWESOME Down syndrome is!  ​

Maybe you know a family member, a student, a neighbor, a classmate with Down syndrome, or maybe you have Down syndrome yourself-we want to share some of our tools for learning and communication so you pass it on! ​

Download a PDF to pass on to parents, teachers, and others. See the video here.

Promoting Positive Behavior

Promoting Positive Behavior Graphic

At GiGi's Playhouse we respond to challenging behaviors with compassion, kindness and a desire to problem solve to find and teach more appropriate replacement behaviors.   We know that all behavior is communication and our focus is to listen carefully and respond in a way that will promote positive behavior.

View a full presentation of Promoting Positive Behavior HERE to learn how determining the functions of behavior can help us respond in a way that promotes positive behavior.  These simple yet effective tools are explained in detail.

Promoting Positive Behavior
SEAT - Sensory, Escape, Attention, Tangible
Brain Break Cards
First-Then Example
Star Chart

School Resources:

Help make your school part of the #GenerationG Community! Here you will find tools to help you plan for and prepare to become experts in acceptance for all! Be sure to check back as we add more tools!
Download PDFs, presentations and more here.

Below are some national resources to find out more about Down syndrome.

NDSS has some amazing publications available for free on their website. The following resources are available in both English and Spanish:


We all have a little something extra inside of us, and sometimes we don’t even know it’s there! Through the A Little Something Extra Podcast, we hear about the forces in people’s lives that drive their passion in hopes that others will be able to find theirs!