GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland Youth Board

The GiGi's Playhouse Cleveland Youth Board is made up of dedicated and motivated group of high school students who see the importance of increasing awareness for individuals with Down Syndrome, as well as creating an environment that is accepting, generous and kind: the three fundamentals of the Generation G Pledge. The purpose of the Youth Board is to spread the message of Generation G through hosting events for members of the community and GiGi's Playhouse families and encouraging other high school students to commit to signing and carrying out the Generation G Pledge.

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GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland Youth Board Mission Statement

The GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland Youth Board is a dedicated group of high school students who strive to spread the message of Generation G; to be accepting, be generous and be kind by educating and involving the community through outreach and awareness. We advocate for a culture of acceptance and compassion towards individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Meet Our 2022-2023 Youth Board

Erin Alexeff – Youth Board Facilitator

Erin has been volunteering at GiGi’s Playhouse since 2016 and helped create the Youth Board in 2018. Throughout her time at GiGi’s, Erin has had many roles and Youth Board Facilitator is one of her favorites. Erin has really enjoyed volunteering alongside some incredible students over the years and looks forward to continuing to grow the impact our Youth Board has on the community.

Madison Roth – Fourth Year Member

Maddie is a senior at Saint Joseph Academy. She plays basketball at St. Joe’s and AAU basketball. She is also a Student Ambassador, a member of Glamour Girls Club, and in the Health Science Honors Program. Maddie loves GiGi’s Playhouse because she gets to learn many things from the participants. “These friends of mine always make me laugh and everyone always gives you a hug when you walk in.” She started volunteering at GiGi’s Playhouse in July of 2017 and continues to volunteer because she loves the environment. She loves how welcoming everyone is and loves getting to form bonds with everyone.

Susie McGowan – Third Year Member

Susie is a senior at Saint Joseph Academy where she plays lacrosse and basketball. She is in French Club, Model United Nations, SDA, Newspaper Club, the Health Science Honors Program, and is also an ambassador. Susie loves being a part of GiGi’s Playhouse because of the amazing volunteers and events. She also enjoys the opportunity to help others grow and the chance to be a part of the wonderful community of people at GiGi’s Playhouse!

Anoop Kaur – Second Year Member

Anoop is a senior at Strongsville High School and has been on the Youth Board for 2 years now. At school Anoop is on the tennis team, participates in Choir, is a member of the Optimist Club as well as ten other clubs! Anoop shares that her favorite part of being on the Youth Board has been attending Teen Tastic and getting to know everyone!

Cameron Croce– First Year Member

Cameron is a freshman at Saint Joseph Academy. She plays basketball and volleyball and is also an ambassador and a member of the Academic Challenge team and Be the Change Club. Along with volunteering at GiGi’s Playhouse, she volunteers at LOPen charities. Cameron started volunteering at the Playhouse because of her friend, Nick, who has participated in the programs at GiGi’s Playhouse for a long time.

Gabriella Croce – First Year Member

Gabriella is a sophomore at Saint Joseph Academy. She participates in basketball, softball, French Club, Math Club and Model UN. She wants to be able to participate at GiGi’s a lot in the upcoming years before she heads off to college. She has a friend named Nick who has Down syndrome and inspires her every day to help the people around her. She is really looking forward to helping spread GiGi’s mission.

Cole Croce – First Year Member

Cole is a sophomore at St. Ignatius High School. He plays basketball, football, and is a proud member of the Yoga Club. Cole joined the Generation G Youth Board to help his community be more accepting and to help the Northeast Ohio community be more accepting. His favorite color is orange.

Catherine Curran – First Year Member

Catherine is a junior at Magnificat High School. She is a member of Students in Medicine, Outreach Service Club, and a Magnificat Ambassador. She also plays golf and Irish dance. She began volunteering at GiGi’s as a math tutor in June 2022 and loves getting to work with children of all ages. She is excited to be a member of the Youth Board this year and help make an impact in her community!

Sean Curran – First Year Member

Sean is a sophomore at St. Edward High School. He plays varsity golf and tennis and is a Student Ambassador. Sean also plans to join Mock Trial this upcoming year. Sean has participated in youth group events in grade school and has mainly volunteered at Teen Tastic this past year, but plans to get more involved in helping around the Playhouse as a Youth Board member.

Liam Gray – First Year Member

Liam is a freshman at St. Edwards High School. He plays baseball, basketball and runs cross country. He is also in the Sneaker Head Club and enjoys skiing. Liam is a member of the Generation G Youth Board because he understands how kids can be mistreated by their peers and he wants to make a change.

Emma Pohorence – First Year Member

Emma is a sophomore at Sandusky High School. She is a member of the marching band, the Calvary Baptist Church Youth Group, and is a Huron Teen Library Council Member. She was motivated to start volunteering more because of her younger brother, Finn, who participates in the LMNOP program at GiGi’s.

Brielle Rugar – First Year Member

Brielle is a junior at Fairview High School. She is involved with theater at her school, Beck Center, and Cassidy Theater. She is Treasurer of Tri-M Society, a part of National Thespian Society, and also a part of her church youth group. She came to volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse in 2020 with my class, then just started volunteering more at the end of the summer. She loves how GiGi’s is so inclusive for all ages. Brielle has participated in many different volunteer organizations and is excited to expand my horizons with the Generation G Board.

Ben Shanahan – First Year Member

Ben is a senior at St. Edward High School and plays golf. He has volunteered as Program Assist for GiGiFIT since 2021. He has enjoyed creating relationships with the participants and joined the Youth Board because he wanted to start volunteering more at GiGi’s and help spread the Generation G message in his community.

Former Youth Board Members:

2022 Graduates:
Nate Gray
Matt Gray
Inga Wilhelmy
Ilana Darr
Clare Black
Clare Khoury
Ella Noose
Anya Krishnan
Kate Carey
2021 Graduates:
Hannah Ryan
Julia Roth
Katie Gale
Sarah Harper
Alyssa Kiss-Benke
2019 Graduate:
Albert Wilhelmy
2018 Graduate:
Megan Gale


For more information on our Generation G Youth Board, please contact Erin Alexeff at