GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland Youth Board

The GiGi's Playhouse Cleveland Youth Board is made up of dedicated and motivated group of high school students who see the importance of increasing awareness for individuals with Down Syndrome, as well as creating an environment that is accepting, generous and kind: the three fundamentals of the Generation G Pledge. The purpose of the Youth Board is to spread the message of Generation G through hosting events for members of the community and GiGi's Playhouse families and encouraging other high school students to commit to signing and carrying out the Generation G Pledge.

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GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland Youth Board Mission Statement

The GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland Youth Board is a dedicated group of high school students who strive to spread the message of Generation G; to be accepting, be generous and be kind by educating and involving the community through outreach and awareness. We advocate for a culture of acceptance and compassion towards individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Meet Our 2023-2024 Youth Board

Erin Alexeff – Facilitator

Erin has been volunteering at GiGi’s Playhouse since 2016 and helped create the Youth Board in 2018. Throughout her time at GiGi’s, Erin has had many roles and Youth Board Facilitator is one of her favorites. Erin has really enjoyed volunteering alongside some incredible students over the years and looks forward to continuing to grow the impact our Youth Board has on the community.

Albert Wilhelmy – Co-Facilitator

Albert is a senior at Case Western Reserve University. He began volunteering with GiGi’s Playhouse in 2018, serving on the inaugural Youth Board here in Cleveland. Albert has loved volunteering at GiGi’s Playhouse over the years, but some of his favorite moments at GiGi’s have been playing kickball at Teen Tastic, getting to help run GiGiFIT sessions, and the Dance-A-Thon back in 2019! He looks forward to continuing to help the Youth Board in any way he can!

Liam Gray – Second Year Member

Liam is a sophomore at Saint Edward High School, where he plays on the baseball and basketball teams. Liam first began volunteering at GiGi’s because of his experience growing up with his brother, Nick, who has Down syndrome, and the close bond that they have shared with each other their entire lives.

Cole Croce – Second Year Member

Cole is a junior at University School, where he plays on the basketball team. He has two sisters with whom he volunteers at GiGi’s Playhouse. It is Cole’s second year being on the Youth Board and he is excited to spread positivity and awareness in the community!

Gabriella Croce – Second Year Member

Gabriella is a junior at Saint Joseph Academy. She began volunteering at GiGi’s after seeing how welcoming GiGi’s Playhouse was for a friend of the family, Nick! Outside of GiGi’s, Gabriella plays basketball and softball. She also is a part of the Glamor Gals Club, the Science Club, the Ultimate Fan Club, the French Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Engineering & Design program at her school.

Cameron Croce – Second Year Member

Cameron is a sophomore at Saint Joseph Academy, where she plays basketball and track. She is a part of the Entrepreneurship Club, Free to Smile Club, French Club, Ultimate Fan Club, as well as Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Cameron loves to read, her favorite color is pink, and her favorite food is sushi. She was inspired to volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse after seeing the impact that GiGi’s has on some of her peers, including a friend of the family- Nick!

Catherine Curran – Second Year Member

Catherine is a senior at Magnificat High School. She is president of her school’s Chemistry Club and Students in Medicine Club. She also plays golf and does Irish dance. Catherine began volunteering at GiGi’s as a math and literacy tutor in June of 2022 and loves getting to work with children of all ages. She is excited to be on the Youth Board this year and help make a positive impact on her community!

Sean Curran – Second Year Member

Sean is a junior at St. Edward High School. He plays varsity golf and tennis and is also a Student Ambassador. This is his second year on the Youth Board. Sean has participated in his Youth Group events throughout grade school and has mainly volunteered at our Teen Tastic this past year. He is excited to help spread acceptance throughout the community!

Sara Viserta – First Year Member

Sara is a senior at Lakewood High School. She will be graduating soon and hopes to major in psychology in college. Sara enjoys skiing, working, going to the gym, and being a part of the H20 club at her school. She has always been fond of volunteering, but she was super excited to start at GiGi’s Playhouse. Sara has a sister, Sue, with Down syndrome who has changed her life. She wants to be able to give back to her community and is super excited to spread awareness about something she really cares about!

Brooke Berkowitz – First Year Member

Brooke is a junior at Saint Joseph Academy. She plays soccer for a club team and for her school. She is an Academy Ambassador, in the Health Science Honors Program, a part of Mental Health Matters Club, Spanish Club, and the Glamour Gals Club. Brooke has been volunteering at GiGi’s since 8th grade and she loves how kind and welcoming the whole community is. She is excited to spread the Generation G message to her school and community!

Former Youth Board Members:

2022 Graduates:
Nate Gray
Matt Gray
Inga Wilhelmy
Ilana Darr
Clare Black
Clare Khoury
Ella Noose
Anya Krishnan
Kate Carey
2021 Graduates:
Hannah Ryan
Julia Roth
Katie Gale
Sarah Harper
Alyssa Kiss-Benke
2019 Graduate:
Albert Wilhelmy
2018 Graduate:
Megan Gale


For more information on our Generation G Youth Board, please contact Erin Alexeff at