Community Spotlight – Sigma Phi Epsilon

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Month and we are so grateful for our team of volunteers at GiGi’s Playhouse! We are incredibly thankful for the partners in our community! We want to show off one of our favorites – The gentlemen from Sigma Phi Epsilon at Cleveland State University! This group of men come once a month and donate their time and energy to keep GiGi’s Playhouse clean and organized. They also volunteered at our Brew Ha Ha in October. Their positive energy and Generation G mindset have been influential in their community!

“The Ohio Nu chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon has been volunteering with GiGi’s for many years now, but often intermittently. However, as the Fall 2021 semester began and in-person activities were permitted, we wanted to renew and strengthen our relationship with GiGi’s Playhouse. Through the past six months, we have been able to participate in a variety of activities ranging from fundraisers to maintenance/cleaning work. This work has been extremely meaningful, both to myself and all those that have attended. It is a perfect opportunity to develop our members into balanced men while giving back to our community. We also want to convey and strengthen many values to our members, one of which is Brotherly Love. Brotherly Love is having compassion and humanity towards fellow humans, and upon reviewing the mission/purpose of GiGi’s Playhouse: To change the way the world views Down syndrome and to send a global message of acceptance for all, we knew that this was something we wanted to help spread. Thank you for everything, and we are excited to continue assisting GiGi’s in any way we can!” – Jack Perish


Quotes from the brothers:

Jack P. ~ “Working with GiGi’s has been a lot of fun! Every time I arrive, we help with something new, and the thought of assisting an organization with such an amazing mission makes me happy.”


Bryan A. ~ “I appreciate the opportunities to help the Cleveland community through GiGi’s playhouse, even when it’s just something small.”


Adrian A. ~ “It always feels good to help out and give back to the community and area I’ve lived in. My experience with GiGi’s has been helpful and calming and helps out me when I’m having a tough time and it helps others too.”


Aaditva N. ~ “Helping out for the greater good has always felt good and gave a deeper meaning to the purpose of life. It has been a pleasure volunteering for GiGi’s.”


Aaron G. ~ “Giving back to the community is very uplifting and encouraging. I feel proud in the work that I’ve done with GiGi’s. I’m looking forward to more!”

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