Best of All: Kinslee

At GiGi’s Playhouse, each program has a therapeutic or educational focus.  Even if it appears the participants are just having fun, they are learning and experiencing therapy in disguise at the same time.  Whether working on social skills, motor skills, speech and language, reading, math, computers or just simple peer interaction, it is all purposeful fun!  Along with the development of new skills comes self-esteem- the most important element to Playhouse programs. Self-esteem is formed not only in the child with Down syndrome, but in the family members as well. 

Kinslee did a great job practicing pro-social behaviors and taking turns during our most recent Destination Discovery session. She also practiced and performed her poem for the group for her school assembly! Kinslee demonstrated confidence and took her time reading so everyone could hear her beautiful poem perfectly.

Play = Fun + Learning Destination Discovery supports the development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social skills and language through purposeful play and peer to peer interaction in a casual and fun setting. This program also brings families together to share experiences and build relationships.  Recommended for All Ages.

Families and siblings are always welcome at GiGi’s Playhouse during programs or any time when the Playhouse is open. Parents are expected to remain at the Playhouse during programs, and be actively involved in supporting their child’s participation in program activities. Volunteers are also available to assist throughout the program. Register for Destination Discovery, every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 6PM, by visiting our program calendar!

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