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Life Stages

Early Childhood (ages 0 to 3) 

Childhood (ages 4-10) 

Youth and Teens (ages 11-17) 

Adulthood (ages 18+) 

Local/State/National Organizations

Down Syndrome Fact Sheet

Akron Children’s Hospital Down Syndrome Program

Activities for children with special needs and autism 

An overview of simple games and activities for children with special needs. 

Canton Challengers Baseball League 

Separate division of Little League Baseball for boys and girls with developmental disabilities. Contact Lisa Williams at (330) 265-6282 for details. 

Federal Parks Access to Parks

First Steps 

A guide for parents of young children with developmental disabilities. 


Resources about guardianship and its alternatives. 

Guardianship and Alternatives for Decision-Making Support 

Find helpful information about guardianship options and alternatives. 

Golden Key Center for Exceptional Children 

Golden Key is a special needs charter school serving the needs of children with Autism and other developmental disabilities, using Pre-Intervention Services and Lego Therapy. 

Guardianship Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to frequently asked questions surrounding guardianship, your rights and guardianship alternatives. 

Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education 

Find information and resources to help you understand your child’s education supports and services. 

MUI Family Handbook 

Find answers to frequently asked questions and learn more about the process for reporting major unusual incidents. 

Navigation Tool 

Connect with services and supports for each stage of your child’s development. 

Ohio Guardianship Guide 

Learn about guardianship in Ohio and ways to protect an individual’s rights, health and wellbeing. 

Resources for Individuals & Families 

Help encourage your child’s growth and independence with this collection of informational guides from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD). 

Stark County Board of DD Special Olympics  

Sports training and competition for individuals ages 8 years and older who live in Stark County and are eligible for Stark DD services. 

Stark County Exceptional Olympics 

This annual one-day fun day is available for students enrolled in multihandicapped classes through the Stark County Educational Service Center and Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities. 

Stark DD Events Calendar 

Learn about events throughout the year for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Stark Parks 

Our local parks system offers many accessible outdoor opportunities. 

Teaching Life Skills to the Intellectually Disabled 

Before individuals with disabilities go out to live on their own, these are some life skills they should know. 

The Best Activities for Kids with Special Needs 

A collection of recommendations for after-school and weekend activities for kids with developmental disabilities. 

Visit Canton 

Find details for upcoming events around Stark County. 

YMCA Stark County 

Visit your local YMCA for family-friendly, accessible events and activities. 

Daily Living Skills 

A key to independence for people with autism.