GiGi’s Playhouse Canton Youth Board

The GiGi's Playhouse Canton Youth Board is made up of dedicated and motivated group of high school students who see the importance of increasing awareness for individuals with Down Syndrome, as well as creating an environment that is accepting, generous and kind: the three fundamentals of the Generation G Pledge. The purpose of the Youth Board is to spread the message of Generation G through hosting events for members of the community and GiGi's Playhouse families and encouraging other high school students to commit to signing and carrying out the Generation G Pledge.

For more information on our Generation G Youth Board, please contact Sierra Coon at

Youth Board Bios

Sierra Coon, Youth Board Facilitator

In 2022, Sierra kicked off the Generation G Youth Board at GiGi’s Playhouse Canton, where she encourages middle and high school students to get involved, serving as the Youth Board Facilitator. Sierra was drawn to GiGi’s Playhouse because she believes in the Generation G mission to be accepting, generous and kind. If Sierra could wish one thing for GiGi’s Playhouse beyond monetary restrictions, she would wish for building ownership/free rent!


Adison Wierzbicki, Volunteer Liaison

Jackson High School, Grade 11

I have been volunteering at GiGi’s since about last spring. I am the volunteer chair of the Youth Board and I usually like to assist with a few classes each month like Destination Discovery, LMNOP, Leaps and Bounds, and more! Outside of GiGi’s, I volunteer at my church watching the 4/5 year olds and I am also involved in our student ministries! I enjoy running and I am on my school’s track and cross-country team! Also, a fun fact about me would be that my favorite flavor of ice cream is cookie dough.

Brenna Wiertz, Ambassador

Jackson High School Class of 2023

Bio coming soon!

Caitlyn Geisheimer, Member

Jackson High School, Grade 12

I ride horses and sing, write songs, I play guitar and ukulele, and I dabble in piano. I’m also in JSA (Jackson school for the arts) and my focus is musical performance and visual arts. I work in childcare, but I’ve also worked in barns and as a horse back riding instructor. At GiGis I help with GiGi’s Kitchen Kids and I am also a literacy tutor.

Ava Morman, Member

Jackon High School, Grade 11

My interests include writing, sewing, swimming, hanging out with friends, and shopping. Another activity I participate in is Speech and Debate. Additionally, I am in my school’s JAGS program. Some of the volunteering I have done at GiGi’s is helping with the car wash, and I made a playlist for the Memorial Day Parade and GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge.

June Price, Member

Lake High School, Grade 11

My name is June and I am a member of the GiGi’s Playhouse Youth Board and I am also a volunteer at GiGi’s. One of my most favorite things to do is run! I do cross country and track and I love to stay physically active. Spending time with my family by doing things like playing board games or going out to dinner with them is also really important to me. My friends are a huge part of my life because they always find a way to make me laugh and have a fun time. At GiGi’s Playhouse, I absolutely love getting the opportunity to work with the younger kids because they are all so playful and energetic. At the moment, I am involved with Destination Discovery and I used to go to Leaps and Bounds during the summer months. I started at GiGi’s Playhouse in the Spring of 2022!

Ava Weirtz, Member

Jackson High School, Grade 10

I am a student at Jackson High School. Our family has been going to GiGi’s since it first opened.  I volunteer in the Leaps & Bounds and LMNOP programs because I love working with the little ones! I love to crochet, sew, play with my dogs, and babysit in my free time. I’m on the track team at my school. I volunteer at the pregnancy center, and I am in the Bear Hugs club at Jackson High School. I am so grateful for GiGi’s Playhouse because so many people I care about benefit from it, including my sister, Brenna, who has Down syndrome. 

Gwyn Blyth, Member

Jackson High School, Grade 10

Hi! My name is Gwyn Blythe and I am a Freshman at Jackson. Outside of GiGi's, I am on the
bowling team, in the choir and am in a couple school clubs like Impact Bible and Bear Hugs! I
enjoy volunteering for LMNOP and recently a special dance-themed Destination Discovery!

Riley Holland, Member

Lake High School, Grade 11

I enjoy running with my friends after school. Sometimes we go to get food or Starbucks after, too! I’m looking forward to being able to volunteer at mostly LMNOP and Leaps & Bounds in the near future!

Ethan Tonni, Member

Jackson High School, Grade 10

At my school, I participate in Track and Field. The events in Track that I‘m in is Long Jump, Shot Put, and Discus. I enjoy many things such as video games and cruising to the Caribbean.