A Grandparents Perspective

A little over 2 years ago, God blessed us with our 9th grandchild, Morgan Grace.  In some people’s eyes she would be considered a burden because she is a child born with Down syndrome, however she is far from that to us.  Yes, it is true Morgan had health issues and requires special training, but the love she gives is so worth it.  From the day she was born she has drawn our family closer, united her church family and helped a friend of ours through his battle with cancer.  We would send him pictures and videos of her, and he would concentrate on them while going through his treatments.

He and his wife are honorary grandparents to her also.  God has given us the privilege of watching her grow and develop her special gifts.  Even though, her development is slower and requires more attention, she is blossoming just like any other child.  Morgan’s sisters could never get their older brother Aidan to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider a zillion times on a recent camping trip as she can.  By the way, we had to sing it also.  She is an incredibly determined little girl with an infectious smile.  She brings joy to everyone she meets and is loved by many.  Although, she is a little girl of few words she has taught us some sign language, mama, daddy, grandpa, please, thank you, pancakes and ice cream to name a few.  She is grandpa’s girl and he and I love every minute of it.  She cannot wait for grandpa to get out of his chair and she hurries to climb in it before he gets back and grabs his headphones.  We are excited to watch her to continue to grow and cherish all the time God gives us with her.

Jeff and Cathy Otto

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  1. Lyn on July 23, 2020 at 10:58 am

    Beautiful….just simply beautiful

  2. Mary Linda Rhode on July 23, 2020 at 4:02 pm

    Jeff and Cathy you are amazing grandparents, you exemplify the true meaning of a born again christian, your love for each other, for your family, for your church family, for everyone, reaches no limits. You truly follow Gods Word that says, “love your neighbor as your self. I’m truly blessed that God brought you into my life and thankful that He has. Love you and your whole family thank you for serving and loving. Mary

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