Best of All – Brad

best of all (noun) \best of all\

is continual, measurable, celebrated and it never ends. It is a daily challenge to do a little better than you did the day before and it’s always celebrated. Possible manifestations: standing just one second longer, reading just one more word, learning just one new number, taking just one more step, never a competition, never completed.

Brad is one of two virtual literacy students at the Playhouse for Spring session. Virtual learning can be difficult for anyone but Brad and Desta his tutor always worked through any technical issues and made learning fun and engaging even through a screen! Here is a great Best of all shared from Desta:

“As part of our tutoring class, Brad and I read the book Why Does an Octopus Need Eight Arms?  It is a delightful fictional story telling that an octopus needs eight arms to be able to do all the things it needs to do during the day.  Some of the things it needs to do are brushing their teeth, combing their hair, playing catch, giving high fives, holding an umbrella, carrying a bag, and of course you need two arms for giving hugs.  Brad enjoyed the story and eagerly drew six pictures to illustrate some of the details of the story.  The following week during our tutoring class we read the nonfiction book Under That Rock.  As Brad read the book, he discovered some things that could be found under a rock.  Some of the things Brad found are a wiggly worm, a smooth stick, a brown beetle, a slow snail, a green grub, and a silky spider.  As we were reading about the silky spider, I mentioned that spiders are arachnids and have eight legs.  Brad said, “Oh, just like the octopus.  The octopus has eight arms.”  Yes, yes, yes!!  Brad had shared with me a connection that he had made between the two stories.  I am so very proud of him!!  Way to go, Brad!!”

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